The vabene Analysis Centre for Orthostatics and Movement is a subsidiary of Mitschke Supply Centre. As of 2001 they have been offering therapy for regulating problems related to posture, such as back pain. The vabene therapy is based on the insight of proprioception - the body`s own regulatory mechanism that records the sensory stimuli of the muscles to control the posture and balance of the human body, vabene takes advantage of these mechanisms.

The result of a orthostatic analysis is compiled using the latest scanner technology, in conclusion, individual therapeutic soles containing your exact personal values are manufactured with the support of computer technology. Bodily posture can be positively influenced through the targeted impact of the muscle tension.

Additionally, the Analysis Centre offers:

  • Gait and running analysis
  • Physiological statics analysis
  • 3-D back scans
  • Foot results according to a 3-D scan
  • Dynamic pressure measurement
Symptoms such as static-related back pain, tension headaches, hip and knee ailments and many others can be treated with the Vabene methods.